Clyde Thompson

Clyde Thompson robs banks and he will be incarcerated for a very long time.  We learned of Clyde’s gift of art when he sent us a newspaper with the photo of a soldier that had been killed in combat. He sketched the picture in the paper and he sent it to the Gap Ministry asking if we could find the mother of this young man.  Clyde wanted to give it to her.  I put the Gap gals who know how to use search engines on it.  In time they found the young soldier’s mother and emailed her about Clyde and the sketch.  We sent the sketch to her and we received a letter of appreciation from her to Clyde.  We sent the letter on to him.

Clyde’s art is done on bed sheets.  He does not have the money for paper so he uses the corners of his sheets to send us his gifts.  At one time he sent all the Gap Prison Ministry a piece of art on his sheet.  By then he had to sleep on a bare mattress.  But he does not complain.  Most  to the art that you view from Clyde has been done on his bed sheet.

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