Neil Garrison

Neil Garrison often creates surreal or whimsical images by exaggerating familiar words or phrases that create an interesting marriage between image and title. His screen print “Hammer Sharks” is a good example of much of his images. He also combines unrelated objects into one image. “You can combine two different images into one and create something entirely original.” Some have labeled this style as “Portmanteau,” a morphing of two or more meanings. This style can be seen in his work titled “Camo Turtle.” Neil enjoys using a variety of materials and techniques and tries to match the technique that will best convey the idea.

Some of Neil’s medium choices on display at Gaslight Art Colony include paintings, drawings, computer art, screen prints and images created using various tapes. Some of his more recent works include paintings that focus on the interaction of color and value.

Garrison, a Terre Haute native received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from Indiana State University. While preparing for a career in advertising he took as many art courses as the curriculum would allow in preparation for a career in marketing and creative advertising. This is a career that he has enjoyed for nearly 30 years.

Garrison has received several local and regional awards for his art. Other images from Neil Garrison can be seen on his website:


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