Adrienne Strohm

 Adrienne Strohm started painting and drawing at a very young age. She took art lessons from Nancy Howe, who helped to develop her talent in the use of pencil drawing and oil painting.
She continued to develop her talent through high school under the direction of Beth Meeker and on her own. She has used many different media - oil, watercolor, charcoal/pencil, tempura/acrylic paint, or ink. She has created a wide variety of art from murals to sketches used as patterns for her friends' tattoos.
Her specialty is drawing faces. "My art displays my interest in people's facial features as well as the thoughts and emotions that lie behind them," explains Adrienne. "My priority is to capture every detail, not in the hands or neck or any other part of the body, but in the facial features and expression, because that is where a person's real story is."
Adrienne has studied architecture at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and will receive her bachelor's degree in Architectural Studies this month. During her junior year of the architecture program, Adrienne had the opportunity to study in Versailles, France. As part of these studies, she and her fellow students went on sketching trips around Europe and, as a result, she created over 40 beautiful sketches of European buildings and scenery. These will be on display at the Gaslight Art Colony this month.
Strohm also runs a small business in which she draws portraits of loved ones from photos (or other projects) for a varying fee. To view her artworks or to contact her, go to her website at:
Adrienne has received several awards for her art, including Best of Show in the Lake Land College Art Heritage Show, the Swope Art Gallery Award, St. Mary-of-the-Woods Art Show; and the most recent oneā€”the Woodroofe Award from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
Adrienne is the daughter of Gary and Melody Strohm and a 2010 graduate of Marshall High School.
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