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Vickie Marsango profile bw Since I was a child, I have been an artist. Beginning with a box of colorful crayons and a drawing of flowers, my second grade teacher noticed my interest in art and asked me to paint a picture on the class easel. Growing up, I remember sketching detailed drawings at my Grandma's desk with an assortment of paper, and a drawer full of pens and ebony lead pencils. In high school, I was Art Club President and was awarded an art scholarship, presented by the local Women's Club, to attend Allerton Art School of Monticello, Illinois. My formal training is from colleges and universities in Illinois and California. However, I consider myself a self-taught artist. My work shows as if it were created by several artists, as I have developed many styles by experimenting with unconventional techniques. As an artist and art instructor at the Vero Beach Museum of Art, of Vero Beach, Florida, the creative process was taught as the focus of priority.
The unleashing of creativity, meshed together with elements of design, color theory, and intuitive painting, create abstract works fused with dynamic personal ambiance. Many works reflect a balance between what is peaceful and yet threatening- as a vast ocean would appear to a viewer standing on shore. Beyond the pictorial tradition of painting, I work with oils, acrylics, mixed media materials, and encaustics. Much of my work has been sold to collectors, private and corporate, in the United States and abroad, via internet and gallery/museum exhibitions.
"Creative energy has a message while painting provides a voice." - My work has evolved by experimenting with unconventional techniques. Each painting is a journey into the unknown; guided by intuition and spontaneity. At the final destination of each unplanned piece, an image and/or profound meaning appears to greet me. - Vickie Marsango


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