Sean Hoisington

Sean Hoisington is currently an Indiana based artistwho teaches photography at Ivy Tech Community College in Terre Haute and TheArt Institute of Indianapolis. Hoisington earned his M.F.A. in photography fromIndiana State University.
As an award-winning artist, Hoisington creates acinematic reality inhabited by characters reminiscent of the past, yet thatexists in the present. A strong narrative with an ambiguous plot dominates hiswork as the story unfolds through multiple images depicting characters inconflict. Their personal psychodramas may be centered around inner turmoil orphysical jeopardy, to which they react with impulsivity or teeter on the cuspof a dramatic decision, coping with the fallout from previous actions orfleeing the monotony of their lives.
Obscuring the identity of the charactersincreases mystery, and allows the viewer to act as voyeur or participant. Theretro styling, including vintage clothing, antique props, dated sets, and filmnoir lighting, recalls a feeling of dusty romanticism and a twisted idealizationof the past or unknown.


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