Robert Riseling

Robert Riseling
Fine Art Photography
927 Penguin St., Effingham IL 62401

Bob Riseling is a photographer based in Effingham, IL. He developed a strong interest in photography during his senior year in high school. He was the school photographer for two years while attending John A. Logan College in Carterville, IL. Upon graduation Bob transferred to Southern Illinois University-Carbondale where he majored in photography with a minor in Art History. He also worked as a
photojournalist for the Southern Illinoisan regional newspaper. After marrying in 1974, he decided that secure employment would take precedence over his photographic pursuits. His goal was to
retire early and return to photography. Bob was able to retire in 2007 and revive his passion for photography. He soon made the transition from film photography to digital photography. Working
in the digital format has allowed Bob to approach photography on an intuitive level that he could not have achieved with traditional film and darkroom techniques. He finds that there are a seemingly endless
number of ways to work with his images in the digital world. This technology has allowed him to challenge long held ideas and approach his subject matter in a much less restrained manner. Bob photographs common objects that we see every day. He then manipulates these images
into varying degrees of abstraction, presenting depictions of real objects in thought provoking ways. He hopes to engage the viewers, piqued their curiosity and involve them in his photographs.


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