Rod Bradfield

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Rod Bradfield has shown his artwork in many Midwest galleries, but is well known in the Wabash Valley area. Rod explains what will be featured in his show:Drawing, painting and the elements of color and space are central areas of focus in my work. Several series of works over two plus decades are represented in the exhibit. These involve a variety of subjects, some representational, some totally non-representational and range from two dimensional to fully three dimensional. Landscapes of various kinds are a predominant subject. Large drawings were done using charcoal and pastel. Most are modified or abstracted landscapes, though some include figurative elements. Recent smaller prints are from drawings done directly on an Ipad screen. Relief landscape paintings on canvas were first drawn and then sculpted using modeling paste, then painted to create relationships and contrasts between flat space, atmospheric perspective and color. The 'Tetrahedron' and 'Emergence' Series were done using ceramics ('Tetrahedrons'), mixed media, epoxy and paint. Relationships and contrasts of color and space dominate.



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