Spencer Young

My Life as an Artist
1947-1965… I grew up in LaGrange, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. In high school, photography was my main hobby and first job. I was a photographer for my high school yearbook for four years and worked part time as darkroom assistant for a local press photographer.

1965-1978… In college I studied astronomy, earning a B.A. from Northwestern and an M.S. from Iowa State. I worked summers for several local photographers. By the early 70’s it became obvious that no jobs were to be had in astronomy, so I fell back on my only marketable skill, working several years for a portrait and wedding studio. Not wanting to make a career of this, I taught myself geology in my spare time, with the intention of entering the coal business.

1978-2000… For 22 years I worked as a geologist for a series of small coal mining companies, and one stone quarry. I was able to become a stockholder in the last one. During this time I had no access to a darkroom and my creative output was mostly limited to travel slides.

2000-present… When our coal company was sold, I found myself comfortably retired. Since retiring, I have become a full-time amateur landscape photographer, printing digitally. In 2014 I started making digital art (CAD drawings and fractal flames). My artistic hero is Ansel Adams. I have also indulged my twin interests in astronomy and travel by going on group tours to view astronomical events. My trips include:

Total solar eclipses: Indonesia 1983, Caribbean Sea 1998, Turkey 1999 and 2006, West China 2008, Tahiti 2010, Australia 2012, Faroe Islands 2015, and Indonesia 2016.

Transits of Venus: Greek Islands 2004, Central Asia 2012.

Aurora Borealis: Iceland 2007 and 2015.

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