Kara Lovell

Kara Lovell Ceramics is a ceramic shop that creates handmade, wheel thrown pottery. Each piece is a unique, one of a kind creation that incorporates fun and funky designs into traditional pottery forms. Each pot has its own personality and is different from your traditional pottery.
Kara began making pottery after graduating from Indiana University with a degree in art education. After a crash course in making pottery on the wheel so that she could teach it to students, she would stay after school to perfect it and try new things. Before, she had always been a doodler and it all came together when she decided to apply my doodling skills to the pots she was making.
The process and style has evolved since those days. Now, she likes creating traditional pottery forms with high contrast designs that are often inspired southwestern and art deco patterns.
“I love every piece I make and I enjoy sharing them with others that love them too.”
Kara lives in Terre Haute, Indiana and teaches art at Clay City High School.


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