Petra Nyendick

blueridge1Petra Nyendick, recent recipient of Arts Illiana’s “Bravo! The Arts!” award for Exceptional Leadership in the Arts, is the Gallery Director of the Halcyon Contemporary Art Gallery in Terre Haute, Indiana. After having received her BFA in Toronto in 1992, Nyendick has dedicated herself to a career in the visual arts and has exhibited extensively throughout the Midwestern United States and Central Canada.

In her artist’s statement, Nyendick reveals the following about her work: “I am intuitively aware of systems in the urban environment and in nature. I build my constructions in layers, using both the rigid grid and the organic patterns of nature as inspiration. The combination of manufactured with organic results in unexpected configurations. Irregularity and abnormality of form become as important as the organized grid format. 

Experimenting with materials that are unfamiliar to me is a thrilling experience. I have always been attracted to tactility and using different materials enables the construction of thick and unusual textures. These surfaces are combinations of the opaque, translucent and transparent; the visible and hidden. Working in layers establishes an interactive dialogue with the viewer and encourages use of imagination to complete that which is concealed and indiscernible.”


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