Nancy Howe

I always loved art but had no natural talent.  I was discouraged twice and didn’t really try until about thirty-five years ago.  I took every class I could find in the area.  I told a friend that I wanted to teach in five or six years.  I was teaching in six months!

I had to paint the project before I could teach it.  I knew early on that I would never be a great artist but I didn’t care.  I was a very good instructor and I have the gift of colors.  That is the gift God gave me.  I had many students continue to take classes from me because they did not have the gift of mixing colors.

I learned oils, acrylics, water colors and pen & ink.  When a student wanted to learn a new medium I would practice it and teach it with a week.  I won some shows and my students loved it when they would beat me.  So did I!  It meant that I had taught them well.

I painted until I found another art form that I loved to do and that was to write.  I hope I have the opportunity to paint again someday.

Nancy Howe


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