John Hemminghouse 

John HemminghouseJohn Hemminghouse’s art career started in Marshall, Illinois.  He was born in Marshall in the fall of 1932.  The family moved to Terre Haute, Indiana when John was 5 years old but he spent a great deal of the summers in Marshall with his grandmother, Mrs. Frank Malloy.  His grandmother lived in a second floor apartment across from the courthouse on the east side of the square above what he remembers as the Nash Photography building, since torn down.  He finds it only fitting that he should return to Marshall to display his art on the north side of the square at the Gas Light Art Colony.

In 1962 John started his own sign business and used his artistic talent in that vein for many years.  John did all the Coca-Cola pictorial wall signs that were seen in various communities.  When he retired he began to do woodcarving that was satisfying both to him on an artistic basis and work that can be handed down to his family and others.  He has continued to find the art of woodcarving interesting and challenging and has created many art pieces that he has entered in art shows in Indiana and Illinois receiving several best of show awards.

Each piece that John has done is different and original in concept and uses his own art work to start the process.  John’s goal is to bring an original idea to life in a piece of wood.  His preference in carving is focused on his interest of the outdoors and historical figures.  Over the years, John has accumulated a number of pieces that will be on display at the Gas Light Art Colony.

John also has a cabin in Martinsville, Illinois with a 16 ft. bust of Lincoln on the side of the cabin exterior.  It can be seen from the road and it has been a perfect place for him to hone his art of wood carving in a natural setting.


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